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Known Bugs

This is a list of all known bugs of REAP/MPT and their status. We try to keep this list up-to-date. If you encounter a bug not listed here, please send an email to reapmpt AT .


 No. Description  Fixed in
 1 Output functions RGE\[Epsilon], RGE\[Epsilon]Max, RGEM1Tilde return wrong values in the energy range between the masses of the lightest and the next-to-lightest right-handed neutrino.  1.1
 2 RGEGetSolution: optional parameter "direction" will produce wrong output unless the given scale is the mass of a right-handed neutrino.  1.1
 3 RGELogTicksLabeledNegExp produces error messages and does not return the labeled tick.  1.1
 4 Output functions RGE\[Epsilon]1, RGE\[Epsilon]1Max, RGEM1Tilde: wrong definition of Higgs vev used and output by factor of 10^9 too large due to a conversion problem (GeV <-> eV).  1.2
 5 RGERotateM: Normalization of eigenvectors corrected  1.3
 6 RGERotateM: The basis of the output was changed from the requirement that M is diagonal to M is real and diagonal  1.4
 7 RGETemplate.nb: Bug in function \epsilon fixed.  1.4
 8 RGEHowTo.nb and "First Steps" section of the manual: The Majorana phases are set by RGE\[CurlyPhi]i rather than RGE\[Phi]i.  1.5
 9 Some small bugs in the documentation.  1.5.1
 10 Bug removed which was introduced in Version 1.5.1: Some functions have been inserted in the model files twice leading to errors. Thanks to Thomas Dent who discovered the bug.  1.5.2
 11 Error in SU(2) gauge couplings of models RGEMSSMTriplet* has been corrected.  1.7.1
 12 REAP does not work with Mathematica 6.0.x due to a bug in NDSolve. Names of matrices are not allowed to start with "Y" when they are passed to NDSolve. Mathematica 5.x works fine. Therefore we do not recommend to use Mathematica 6. There is a bugfix release on the download page.  Mathematica 7
 13 Small changes to allow REAP to be used with Mathematica 7.x .  1.8
 14 RGESetModelOptions does not work  1.8.4
 15 There can only be up to three SM singlets due to a restriction/bug in the implementation of NDSolve in Mathematica. This has already been reported to Wolfram.  Mathematica 9?
 16 REAP does not work with Mathematica 9.  1.9.1
 17 The running of the singlet masses can be discontinuous at thresholds for complex mass matrices.  1.9.2
 18 RGEGetRightHanded\[Nu]Masses does not work in Mathematica 10.  1.9.2

MixingParameterTools (MPT)

 No. Description  Fixed in
 1 Degenerate masses

For degenerate neutrino masses, the matrix U calculated by MNSMatrix does not always diagonalize the neutrino mass matrix m, i.e. UT m U is not diagonal.

 2 θ12=π/2

If one constructs a neutrino mass matrix with θ12=π/2, MNSParameters may have problems determining a consistent set of mixing parameters. This should not be a problem in realistic cases.


Last modified: Sep 20, 2014